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Welcome on the Lechenicher SchachServer!

Do you like Chess? Do you want to play Chess against Players all over the world? But you do not want to spend hours in a single game? Then you should play Server Chess!

You can play several tournaments at the same time, with many different players. You get a message, if one of your opponents has moved, you analyse the position and come back to the Lechenicher SchachServer. You enter your move and soon your opponent gets the information that it is him to move. If he has vacation or is on a business trip, then you can still play against your other opponents!

The Lechenicher SchachServer is the place to play! It has been developed to ensure IECGs ability to offer Server Tournaments. We work in close cooperation with IECG, one of the largest Internet Email and Server Chess Groups.

Tournament offerings cover the full range of IECG Server Tournaments (Server Tournaments with 40days/10 moves time control, Rapid Tournaments with a 10days+1day/move control) but also Open Groups without Rating Restrictions (mainly for new players, 20days+2 days/move Time Control) and Two-Game-Matches (also at 20days+2days/move) and once a year the Lechenicher SchachServer Anniversary (30days+2days/move).

Information, Rules, Hints can be displayed in several languages. Only the communication between players during a game cannot be translated.

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