Welcome on the Lechenicher SchachServer!

Welcome on the Lechenicher SchachServer!

Hello and Welcome on the Lechenicher SchachServer. This site offers Server-based Correspondence Chess. Meet friends and new opponents from all over the world.

The Lechenicher SchachServer features a variation of tournaments and time controls for players of all strengthes. This includes contiously starting tournaments, partially rating restricted, like:

  • Standard Round Robins - using Standard Time Controls like 40 days/10 moves
  • Rapid Round Robins - using Fast Time Control, like 10days+1 day per move
  • Open Tournaments - using Fisher Clock Time Control, like 20days+2 days per move
  • Knockout Tournaments
  • No-Engine Events
  • Chess960 Events
  • Thematic Tournaments
  • and others

As well as some multi-round events starting once a year like:

  • LSS World Championship - attendance by invites only
  • LSS Master Events - attendance by invites only
  • LSS Cup Events
  • LSS Anniversary
  • LSS Chess960 Championships
  • and others

Since the start of LSS in April 2006, about 440.000 games have been started and about 28.000.000 moves have been performed.

Thanks to the players, all Rules and Information pages of LSS are translated into different languages and these translations are kept up to date.

Interested? Then join our community of chess players from all over the world.

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