Rules and Usage

This is the Overview Page for the Rules and Usage valid on Lechenicher SchachServer.

Even though this server offers the interface in different languages, the German or English version are the only official ones in case of a dispute. The translations have to be seen as inofficial copies created for the comfort of the players.

All messages to the Server Administrator shall be done either in German or English to allow a quick answer. Using the other languages available for display will result in a delay, because a translation needs to be organized.

All messages of the Adminstrator will be in English, unless the receiver is German or can speak German. Standard messages might get send out also in other languages.


  1. The Lechenicher SchachServer
  2. System Requirements
  3. General Information
  4. General Page Layout
  5. Users Manual for the Lechenicher SchachServer
    1. Registration
    2. Login and Logout
    3. Request a new Password
    4. Players Homepage
    5. Preferences
    6. Player Information
    7. Mailbox
    8. News
    9. Tournament Overview
    10. Crosstables
    11. Start a new Tournament
    12. Request Vacations
    13. Playing a game
    14. Conditional Moves
    15. Violation of Time Control
    16. Requesting an Adjudication
    17. Viewing a game
    18. Games Archive
    19. Chess960 Games
  6. Rules of The Lechenicher SchachServer
    1. Membership
    2. Premium Membership
    3. General Rules
    4. Special Rules
    5. Tournament Types
      1. LSS Anniversary Tournament
      2. The LSS Masters Tournaments
      3. LSS Open Tournaments
      4. The LSS No Engine C
      5. LSS Pyramid
      6. LSS Two-Game-Matches
      7. LSS Chess960 Standardtournaments
      8. IECG World Championships
      9. IECG Cups
      10. IECG Server Tournaments
      11. IECG Rapid Tournaments
      12. The IECG Level Schemes
      13. Tournaments
    6. Ratings
    7. Chess960 Ratings
    8. Withdrawals, Suspensions, Penalties
    9. Costs
  7. Administration of Clubs or Federations
  8. The LSS Forum
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Credits and Links