This is the Overview Page for the Rules and Usage Section ofa the Lechenicher SchachServer.
We would like to explicitely stress out that LSS is open to any person who wants to play correspondence chess against other chess players independent of race, nation, sex, political orientation, religious group, etc etc. The rules here are not setup to discriminate any person. If you feel that the wording used does not fullfil this mission, please contact the Server Administrator.
Based on the above statement and for simplicity, not to annoy any female player, the words ‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘his’ include the meanings of ‘she’ and ‘her’.
Even though this server offers the interface in different languages, the German or English version are the only official ones in case of a dispute. The translations have to be seen as inofficial copies created for the comfort of the players.
All messages to the Server Administrator shall be done either in German or English to allow a quick answer. Using the other languages available for display will result in a delay, because a translation needs to be organized.
All messages of the Adminstrator will be in English, unless the receiver is German or can speak German. Standard messages might get send out also in other languages.